The Stand School
Wednesday, December 07, 2022
Supporting families by providing quality early childhood education

About us

The STAND School, a Christian preschool 
The Stand School
The Stand School has been in operation since October 2010, offering Christian childcare and preschool to the Tri-Cities area.  It's first home was near Swader's Sports Park in Prince George.  In May 2015, it moved to Colonial Heights to Highland United Methodist Church, where the school's work continues to grow.  Our desire is to assist families with growing good citizens that are nurtured in ways of Jesus Christ.  We say we are "planting the seeds of faith" to help children stand with confidence in today's world.
We are called by God to stand in the love and grace of Jesus Christ in the world. At The Stand School, our desire is to equip a new generation with the values and skills needed to produce fruitful lives.  Our goal is to plant the seeds of faith while providing the supports necessary to grow spiritually, academically, socially and physically today. Our programs are geared to produce well educated students grounded in good character.
We are family-focused.  Our staff strive to get to know each family and to help not just with school and childcare, but with serving as a base of support as children grow with us.  The current pastor, Joe Carson, and the associate pastor, Maggie Hasselbach, offer regular chapel services to the students and staff throughout the school year, and is available as needed to provide support to families of Stand students.  Additionally, the church community of Highland UMC allows families a place to find worship and community service within a trusted, nurturing setting.
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