The Stand School
Monday, June 18, 2018
Supporting families by providing quality early childhood education

Frequently Asked Questions

How young can a child be to come to your preschool?
Children have to be at least 30 months old on the first day of their services with us.
Do you offer any tuition discounts?
Yes, we offer 10% off tuition for military families and siblings that attend our center.  Only one discount applies per family.
Do you provide meals for the children?
We provide nutritious snacks twice per day.  Parents are asked to bring their child's lunch.

How do I enroll my child?
To enroll, you need to reserve your child's slot with a registration fee and complete an enrollment packet.  A full enrollment packet will be provided for you.  Your child will need to be current on all vaccinations on the first day of enrollment.  Other information is also needed to complete your registration (e.g., emergency contact and medical information).  Our staff are happy to assist in explaining required application materials.  All in all, the process is fairly simple, and you are given some time by state requirements for completion of the full packet. Email the director here.
Are there extra fees beyond the registration and weekly fees? 
Our fees cover all of our services, except for Tumble Bus which is a direct fee arrangement with the gymnastics provider.  The fees for Tumble Bus have been around $8 per week.  Tumble Bus is a completely optional service.  We make efforts for all children to do fun activities during the Tumble Bus time. 
What kind of security measures does The Stand School offer?
Our building is completely locked from the outside; all visitors/parents must be ring the doorbell and be admitted inside by one of our staff.  All staff/teachers carry building keys on them at all times.  Our outdoor play area is completely fenced in.
Do you offer potty training services? 
Yes.  We will work with your child on a schedule and provide training and encouragement.
Do all children have to take a nap? 
No, though all children do need to lie down and rest.  We find most of the children do go to sleep on a normal basis.  Our teachers keep them busy all morning in play and learning, which helps them to be ready to rest at naptime.
What does it mean when you say you offer a Christian environment?
We structure our services around Christian values.  This means we teach and remind students of God's ways and use biblical examples that follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Our center is overseen by a Board of Directors, and chapel is offered during the school year by the Highland UMC pastor, Dr. Dorothy O'Quinn, and assistant pastor, Mike Tolbert, who interact with students and families and provide special programs from time to time.  We also pray at our snack and mealtimes together.  Our preschool curriculum is from A Beka Book, a Christian publisher of excellent curriculum for all ages of children.